Sam Stone >>> Salt Lake City, Utah

About Sam

Sam Stone is a dance performance artist, teacher, community organizer, and creator currently obtaining an MFA in Modern Dance at the University of Utah. She is a certified Axis Syllabus teacher of anatomy and biomechanics, as well as a teacher of modern dance, improvisation & choreography. Sam has presented work in theaters in and outside of the US but prefers enchanting the homes and found spaces that she passes with art and design. Sam is responsible for directing and conceiving seven full-length evening productions, dozens of shorter pieces, and more than 50 children’s dance works. As a performer, Sam has worked with Kathleen Hermesdorf, Bianca Cabrera, Rosemary Hannon, Ashley Trottier, Aura Fischbeck, and Leyya Tawil. As a dance advocate, she values the expression, freedom, and play that dance offers and always pushes for arts awareness and opportunity for all.