Ayelet Yekutiel >>> Israel


About Ayelet

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher and Movement researcher. Graduate of The Experimental High School from literature Theatre and Visual Art Departments (IL), SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (AT), Sampoorna Yoga Teachers Training (IN), P.O.R.C.H Ponderosa (DE), and Kelim Choreography Studies (IL). She is a certified Somatic Movement Educator of Body-Mind Centering®, and a certified teacher of ‘Axis Syllabus’. 

Worked as a creative dancer for Kolben Dance Company, Dafi Altabeb and Daphna Horenczyk (IL), Tunet Egyuttes -The Symptoms Theatre and Dance Company (HU), Benjamin Vandewalle, Asher Lev and Mike Schmid (BE). Collaborated on 2nd Home India a cross-cultural collaborative project of women artists (IN), The Third Generation dance project led by Lina Hoehne (AT) and co-created the piece Homo- Sapiens with Khaled Barghouthi, supported by Les ballets C de la B, and mentored by Alain Platel (BE). 

She is a founding member of Augustine Collective: //www.augustine-collective.com/ , Co-created ‘The Whale that Went Unnoticed’ with Marcio Canabarro, and ‘Surreal Body’ with Nitzan Lederman. Since 2010 creating and presenting her own artistic work internationally. 

Link to full CV: https://www.dropbox.com/s/emai...