About Nuria

Nuria has been dancing her whole life.  Her relationship to movement and music is professional, personal and therapeutic.  

She graduated from Bryn Mawr College with an undergraduate degree in performance studies. After college she moved to Colorado to attend the Rolf Institute, and has been Rolfing since 1997. She moved to the Bay area in 1998 after graduating from the Rolf Institute.  Home to her Capoeira teachers, the San Francisco, bay area, became her place of training (she is now a Contramestra of Capoeira), dancing, performing, and now family.  She has performed her own original choreographic and musical works, collaborative works, and has worked as a dancer for other choreographers such as Kim Epifano, Scott Wells, Bira Almeida, and Kieth Terry.  She identifies herself as being a performance artist, dancer, choreographer, musician, capoeirista, teacher, healer, and mother.   

Nuria began her studies of the Axis Syllabus in 2009 with Kira Kirsch.  The work of the Axis Syllabus quickly has become the place where she can weave her love of anatomy and healing through the fabric of movement.  Nuria works privately as a Rolfer, and movement therapist.  She teaches weekly group Axis Syllabus and Capoeira classes in Berkeley, Ca. and offers workshops around the world. She invites all human beings to inhabit their potential through the practice of embodiment.

Teacher's statement

The body is a living performance: A colony of organisms working in rhythms and patterns that contain the wisdom of the ages. We can listen through movement.