About Camila

The movement practice of Camila Seeger is related to dance art, creative collaboration, continued education and study, pedagogy and movement assistance, and cultural exchange. Originally from Santiago de Chile, Camila graduated from a professional dance program at "El Espiral" (UAHC) and later on earned a professional degree in performing arts at Universidad Mayor. Between 2008 and 2015 she dedicated her time to the study of movement analysis and research through the Axis Syllabus (ASIRC), contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, performing arts and cultural exchange, living in Brussels, Vienna and traveling around through North America and Brazil.  

As a performer and artist collaborator, her work includes interventions in the Weltmuseum and the Secession museum of Vienna, and in several independent art platforms such as Nadalokal, Zeitzoo, and Raw Matters in the same city, and in Centro Coreográfico do Rio da Cidade do Janeiro. 

Currently Camila is based in the South of Brazil, building a new family in Gamboa-SC. She works as a regular guest teacher and creative collaborator in Santiago, Chile, and in several Brazilian cities. Currently she is re-orienting her career towards dance and wellness in nature, enjoying integrating outdoor sports into her choreographic interests, and taking care of embracing life every day.

Teacher's statement

I believe that teaching is a channel to exchange reciprocal communication of any kind of curiosity that this human:being:animal has to develop itself in life. 

I believe there is not too much to teach, but a lot to learn

I believe we need each other in a comprehensive collaborative network in which time, culture and space are relative, are valid and acceptable options 

I believe we need different options

I believe than the earth is a unity that allow each of us to be unique.

I believe rock and roll and meditation are equally important for my animal:being:human development

And I value my experience and knowledge to be shared in a pedagogical context to create more bridges with other's experiences and to make our common curiosities more accessible.